Could acne scars be treated by going to the dermatologist? (photo)

I have tiny acne scars. By acne scars I mean it looks like holes in my face. . Could it be treated by going to a dermatologist? And what treatment should I do?

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Acne scars

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Yes you can go to a dermatologist for the treatment of acne scars. For these I would recommend first getting your acne under control. Then treating the pink scars worth a vbeam laser and the hyperpigmentation with a series of chemical peels and bleaching cream. 

Dr Halem 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Acne and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

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Yes, you can go to your board certified dermatologist for treatment of the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation residual from your inflammatory acne.  Bleaching creams with or without hydroquinone and tazarotine cream and physical sun protections are some of the treatments that come to mind.  Also the use of Laser Genesis might advantageous for the treatments of both the acne and  the discoloration.

Maritza Perez, MD
New Canaan Dermatologic Surgeon

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