Best Acne Scar Treatment for Indian Skin?

Hi, I am Indian and not sure how far this cosmetic procedures work on darker skin. I atleast want to know any treatment available to remove the redness of scar. If so what would be and how much would it cost approximately?

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Chemical peels, TCA CROSS, fractional RF all work for Indian skin.

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There are quite a few options for Indian skin - including chemical peels, fractional radiofrequency/ LASER, and techniques like TCA CROSS which work well for scars.

If it is only the redness, you can consider glycolic peels - I use upto 70% in my practice with no complications. Again, for the redness alone, you can try topical retinoid creams, starting with say half an hour, and slowly building up to an overnight application. All of this, with a sunscreen indeed!

Start with light peels

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If redness and not a textural scar is the issue, I recommend you see a dermatologist experienced with a light salicylic acid peel series, or perhaps glycolic acid. Both have been used in skin of color safely for years, especially if you are pre-treated with a protocol and carefully monitored during the series for hyperpigmentation.

Fraxel Restore has a large body of evidence it is safe in skin of color, but I use this only for true scars, not discoloration.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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