Acne Scar Treatment That Doesn't Need Hydroquinone Pretreatment?

I'm on my pretreatment for profractional laser but I had a rash and itchiness on my face 24 hrs after using hydroquinone. Now, my MD said I am not a good candidate for profx. I'm Asian, Fitz 4 skin type. Is there any other acne scar and sebaceous hyperplasia treatment or laser that is best for me without using hydroquinone? Is there any other agent aside from hydroquinone that I can use for bleaching? I really need help. Thank you.

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Skin bleaching alternatives to hydroquinone

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There are many effective skin bleaching agents but clearly hydroquinone (HQ) is the most effective. These include kojic acid, Retin-A, topical steroids, a variety of herbal extracts including bilberry and licorice but these pale in comparison to HQ.

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