Deeper Treatment Okay for Small, Shallow Acne Scars?

I about 10 very small and shallow acne scars (maybe 2 mm diameter and 2-3 mm deep) that are about 10 months old. I have already tried two Fractional lasers (one Erbium, one CO2) and I didn't see any improvement to the scarring. Should I try a fully ablative treatment just over the scars--perhaps Dermabrasion; traditional CO2 or TCA Cross? Alternatively, I'm thinking of a full-face deep depth peel or saline injections. Thank you for your time!

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Acne scars

I prefer to treat the individual scars with a combination of saline subcision and the TCA cross method.  A full-face peel for 10 acne scars does not make any sense to me.

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