Abdominal Scar?

Hello Everyone, I have a long vertical scar about 10 cm on my stomach due to the child appendectomy surgery. I actually did a scar surgery revision before but i was not happy of the result yet, is there any other laser treatment scar that can help with my scar now? Also, should i consider for second scar revision surgery again. Some doctors recommend for abdominoplasty for me. Please advise on how abdominoplasty can help to reduce my scar. Thank you.

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Hypopigmented scars

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Many of these widened and hypopigmented scars can benefit from ablative type laser skin resurfacing.  


In my office, I use the fractional co2 laser with enormous success in these cases. 

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Scars are best treated with the laser

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You would not be served by getting more surgery.  The best choice for your scars would be laser treatment to this area.  If you have more surgery you will be simply be trading one scar for another.  Please find a board certified experienced physician who is trained in lasers to help you.

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