Treatment Options for Sunken Chest?

Hello. I don't know what it's called, but I have some sort of a "hole" or a "gap" in my chest that really bothers me. Is there any way to fix it permanently? an implant perhaps? What are my options? I'm a 23 yo male. I added a photo, tho the hole doesn't seem as deep as it is.

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Treatment of pectus excavatum

You have a mild form of pectus excavatum. Yours would be considered more cosmetic than functional because there are some where the back of the breast bone almost touches the spine and seriously compresses the heart and lungs. Yours could be benefited by some weight gain and some weight lifting, fat injections, or a custom made prosthetic implant. The procedures where your sternum is surgically altered carry too much risk for what you have.

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Treatment options for sunken chest?

Your condition is not rare and manifests with different severities, it is termed PECTUS EXCAVATUUM.

The options are : do nothing, fill the defect with a variety of fillers including attempted fat grafting, place a customized prosthesis, or a RAVITCH Procedure (in which the buckled ribs are borken out and held with screws and wires.

The problem with fat grafts is that the space between the depressed bone and the skin is not very vascular and does not support a wide grafting of fat well. The procedure would have to be done in stages.

A computer generated implant is a more efficient option. through a side incision, the skin is lifted and a pre-prepared custom implant is laid in the depression which is flush with the shoulder s of the defect. There is an ongoing possible chance of infection and capsular scar formation with such implants.

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Sunken chest can be filled with fat injections.


It's called pectus excavatum, and it is pretty common.  The hollow can be filled with your own fat (from thighs or buttocks) to create a smooth flat surface.

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