Is a Scar Likely to Form from Popping a Pimple?

Hello, I had a lesion that became a pimple. I stupidly took a needle and lightly poked the lesion until pus came out, but so did some blood. It later turned into a dark scab. The line where the scab ended and healthy skin began was clearly indicated.

The scab came off while I was sleeping to make matters worse... There was no blood though. However, I can clearly see a circle shape where the healthy skin mets and within the circle is level skin but blood red in color. Is this going to scar?

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Popping pimples can cause scars

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I do not recommend "popping" pimples as I believe there are 2 untoward consequences of popping pimples. One is the possibility of worsening the acne and the other is possibility of scarring. 

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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