Non-surgical Options for Loose Inner Thighs and Cellulite?

I have lost 90 pounds when I was a teen. I'm now 25 and at a healthy weight. I don't have an extreme case of loose skin. Other areas have managed to 'tighten' up over the years, but I'm disturbed by the skin on my inner thighs, it's still loose and flabby and I have a lot of cellulite on my butt and thighs. Exercise has only helped my lower body slightly but did not improve the inner thigh skin or cellulite. Are there any good non-surgical options for this problem? Or would I benefit better from an inner thigh lift?

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Cellulite and loose skin of inner thighs after weight loss is best treated with thigh lift.

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I have seen alot of patients who have tried and spend lots of money on non-surgical skin tightening techniques (infrared, radiofrequency, ultrasound, etc) with minimal if any improvement. Given your history of weight loss, I would recommend a thigh and/or buttock lift. Be prepared that this may not solve all your skin laxity issues.

Inner thigh laxity

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 Inner thigh laxity after massive weight loss is usually best treated by a thigh lift. This will not improve the cellulite significantly.  Cellulite is very difficult to treat.

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