Can Asian People Have IPL or Photofacial?

It is said that IPL is not suitable for dark skin. How dark does the dark refer to? I’m Asian. Is it ok for me to go for IPL treament? If not, what’s the good alternative to remove brown spots and freckles on my face?

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IPL (Photofacial) treatments can be safe but find a very experienced physician

As with many cosmetic treatments, special care and knowledge is vital when treating individuals with darker skin types. Successful treatment of dark spots can be very successful with IPL treatments in Asian skin but the risks for complications are much higher. To help ensure the best treatment possible, I recommend you find someone who is very comfortable and experienced in treating individuals with darker skin types.

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Asian IPL or Photofacial

The key issue is that it is possible to underestimate the degree of pigmentation in Asian skin. This is a bad thing with IPL because skin pigment is one of the targets of the IPL treatment.

If too much energy is applied, instead of getting a great results one ends up with burned skin. How do you avoid this type of result?

The key is your doctor. You need to go to an experience doctor who has worked with your skin type. Press the doctor.

Will they be doing the treatment or is it turned over to a nurse or a technician. This is common practice. However, I personally feel that this treatment requires the immediate presence of the physician to adjust the energy settings based on expereince and also how your skin is actually reacting to the treatment.

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