How to Get Rid of Itchy Under Eye Bumps and Dark Circles

I have bumps under my eyes together with big dark circles. I want to get rid of the bumps because they're unsightly and itch. I have to wear glasses to hide the cluster of bumps, which have gotten bigger.

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Itchy eyelid bumps and dark circles

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The symptom of itching must be explored before you try to use creams for the dark circles or try laser. The itchiness may be a result of eczema, a recurrent chronic condition, or a new allergy that your skin has developed to some product that is touching your skin. The product or chemical that might be causing the itching can be transferred to your eyelids by your fingers after you have handled it, or it can be particles in the air such as fragrances, wood-burning fireplaces, hairsprays, etc. The itching can create a scratching or rubbing response on your part that can create bumps as a response but there might be a chance that you do have bumps that are itchy themselves. See a dermatologist to explore the possibilities.

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