Procedure to Make Eye Shape Almond?

I don't like the shape of my eyes. I've noticed that when my eyes settle into a relaxed expression they tend to look somewhat sleepy. I don't like the way they slope down a bit at the outer corners and feel as though they have a sort of masculine quality about them. Is there any sort of surgery that could help give my eyes more of that sought after sultry, almond-y shape?

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Eye surgery

With only one view to look at. It is difficult o tell exactly what if anything you would need. The angle of the camera can also affect the look. Your eye position in the photo looks OK. A canthopexy can give a person a more almond shape, but I do not think you need it because your lid position looks OK.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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You may have blepharoptosis

You are describing what we call is a canthopexy procedure which changes the and lifts the outer corner of the eye.

From this picture it appears as if you have blepharoptosis (sagging) of upper eyelid. However, it may just be the camera angle. You should have this evaluated by your opthalmologist.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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