Cosmetic Surgery Advice Outside the US?

What advice would you give to people outside the USA considering surgical cosmetic procedures. How do we decide what doctor to opt for?

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Buyer beware

Inside or outside of the United States, surgical outcomes are the product of one and only one thing: the surgeon.

You must choose carefully, making sure your surgeon is properly trained and ethical.  I wish I could give you a solid blueprint for seeking out the best, but it just doesn't exist.

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Cosmetic surgery advice outside the US?

The US does NOT have a monopoly on great Plastic surgeons or horrible plastic surgeons. The world is FULL of qualified and skilled Plastic surgeons as well as many more unqualified people "practicing" Plastic surgery.

Choose carefully. Every country has its own regulatory bodies that oversees training and certifying surgeons. But in many countries such bodies may be lax and your recourse - should anything go wrong may be nonexistent.

If you are thinking of "Plastic Surgery Tourism" , the going abroad for cheaper plastic surgery - think carefully. If all goes well - you will save a few thousand dollars. But - if you have a complication or worse, you will lose all your money and may have a hard time finding a surgeon back in the US who may wish to take up your care for fear he/she may be involved in a subsequent law suit.

I hope this was helpful.

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