How to Check Credentials of Plastic Surgeon in Thailand?

I found a plastic surgeon in Bangkok, Thailand. Could he be legit because his prices are reasonable? How can I find out for sure if I should let him perform cosmetic surgery on me?

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Travel Abroad for Vacation....Not for Surgery.

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Thailand is a beautiful country. When asked about where to shop, dine, hike, swim and scuba dive, I offer this advice:

There are many places to shop--Bangkok has a lot to offer but be prepared for chaos. The cuisine is wonderful, eat as much as you can if you are adventurous. Diving is fabulous, but I recommend it with caution, because standards aren't the same. 

When it comes to plastic surgery? Stick to the U.S., where certification, standards and oversight are trustworthy.

Other continents may indeed have some wonderful surgeons...but there is absolutely NO reason to leave a country that can offer you safe, dependable care in search of something cheaper. 

Best case scenario, your plastic surgery proceeds without one problem; likely, that best scenario is here in the U.S. Still, you have to consider a situation where things don't go perfectly, and if that happens, having an unknown surgeon reachable only by a 17 hour international flight could be a real disaster. 

I commonly see patients who have had problems after experiences with medical tourism, and hope this doesn't happen with you. 

I hope this helps with your decision, and best of luck.

Credential checking for plastic surgeons outside US is unknown

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Leaving the country can save you money if things work out OK. If they do not, it can be a real problem as domestic surgeons may not want to get involved. There is not a good way to check these foreign doctors the last time I looked into it.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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