Can Bio Alcamid Migrate?

Can you tell me if what you have written about Artefill also applies to Bio Alcamid? I was told that this does not migrate as a capsule forms around the implant making it impossible to migrate.

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Can Bio Alcamid Migrate?

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 All permanent fillers are placed within fatty tissue layers that shift and sag with technically all permenent fillers do shift with time.  I have seen numerous patients where the Bio Alcamid appears to have moved and migrated to a much higher extend that say Artefil and in some case, like the lips, does not appear IMO to have been incorporated into the host tissue much at all.  I have had experience removing this migrated Bio Alcamid which is easier than removing other permanent fillers like silicone or Artefil, but none are are good idea IMHO.  

 Use temporary fillers like Perlane, Radiesse and Sculptra or cheek impants, chin implants or Alloderm Lip Implants if longer results are desired.  Understanding and following the proper aesthetics of facial beauty is key in creating a naturally, more attractive face.  Be sure the MD you choose has this aesthetic understanding and eye.  

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Bio alcamid injections and treatment of permanent filler complications

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Migration of permanent fillers has been documented in the literature, particularly identification of silicone particles in blood samples.  I have had a lot of experience with bioalcamid complications in patients from Europe and have seen outstanding improvement after treatment.  Permanent fillers such as silicone and bioalcamid can be improved. 

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Migration of Bio Alcamid

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I would put Bio Alcamid in the same category. It is a synthetic gel polymer. I don't think you can guarantee a capsule will form around anything except a solid object such as a cheek implant. Certainly other injectable plastic/silicone fillers have behaved much differently

The bad press for Bio Alcamid has centered on a report of autoimmune problems in a small number of patients. However as a clinician whose patients are dealing with the effects of many other permanent fillers, I would be more concerned with infiltration into tissues (making it impossible to remove), migration over time of the filler, etc.

Why would you put anything but a temporary filler such as a hyaluronic acid, or your own tissue (such as LiveFill) in your face?

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