Im 5'4" and Weigh 105 Lbs I Have Stretch Marks All the Way from my Pubic Region to over my Belly Button.

I have very little "loose" skin and my ab muscles are definatley seperated after my pregnancy. Can I still get a tummy tuck? Im only 23 but I feel bc of how small I am a tummy tuck isnt my solution.

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A tummy tuck solves problems of loose skin and muscle separation

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A tummy tuck solves problems of loose skin and muscle separation. When the problem is loose skin and fat smartlipo liposculpture is often a better answer.

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Mommy makeover - abdominoplasty

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Without photos or a physical examination it is impossible to say whether or not a tummy tuck is the solution. The degree of loose skin and or muscle are the deciding factors not your height. I have performed the procedure on small people who have been very happy with the result. The main issue in those cases was to get appropriately sized anesthesia equipment. We have had to use breathing tubes that were designed for children.

You can see the results of a similar type of patient in the web reference link below.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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