I'm 5'2 and I Weigh 180 What WLS Would You Recommend Being That I'm Trying to Lose 50 Pounds?

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Weight loss surgery for low BMI

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For BMI below 35 we don't recommend bariatric surgery.  Of course there is always some wiggle room; some are doing it in diabetics.  On the other hand, it's a personal decision to have weight loss surgery, and you can always find a surgeon to operate on you if you have the money and are properly motivated.  Surgery in such patients is looked upon as being "cosmetic," and obviously not covered by insurance.  I would never recommend gastric banding because of the high failure rate.  Likewise I would shy away from gastric bypass because of the long-term nutritional consequences.  Sleeve gastrectomy would be the only operation I would be willing to do.

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