I Am 31 Years Old South Asian Female.I Have Mild Boxer Acne Scars and Mild Cystic Acne, Options?

I also suffer from melasma on my upper cheeks and full nose, however an over the counter glycolic acid product has helped me with melasma. However I've very recently started noticing boxer and rolling scars on my cheeks which are horrible. Please can you advise if high-end collagen products can help with this skin problem? I've seen some of such products and there reviews are great - do they work on this type of scars? Please advise on this as well as any alternative economical treatment.Thanks

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Box car scars and rolling scars

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You can treat this with different options. The collagen products do go deep enough to make a difference and the collagen usually just denatures and is then turned into amino acids or co2 and water. The box car scars can be elevated with subcision or you can do a multilayered approach which involves co2 laser resurfacing but much more than that.

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Boxcar Acne Scars and Mild Cystic Acne

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Over the counter products aren't strong enough for cystic acne, and won't treat boxcar acne scars. You need to treat the active acne first with a topical or oral medication. And then address the scarring. You can't do it all at once. Most likely you'll need to be on acne medication for 6 months to a year, and then address the scarring with a combination of lasers (IPL and/or Matrix are what I'd recommend). IPL will also help with your melasma because only more surface melasma can be treated with topical products.

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