24 Year Old With Wrinkles Under Eyes and Sagging Cheeks. Should I Get a Facelift?

At one point in my life I had a hard time sleeping and in 1-2 weeks I noticed these wrinkles under my eyes. Ive since regulated my sleeping patterns but these wrinkles don't go away and about 6 weeks ago I noticed my nasolabial folds are dropping and Im getting those "parenthesis" around my face. I know that may be associated with weight loss but if anything I've gained weight! I also have very Uneven hyperpigmented skin I'd like to correct but im wary of lasers since Im hispanic and darker skin

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Usually a combination of laser resurfacing, Restylane or Juvaderm, Botox or Dysport and skin tightening works the best.

Usually a combination of laser resurfacing, filler, botox and skin tightening works the best.  Better sun protection and the use of good skin care products going forward will help to protect your skin better. 

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How Young is Too Young for Cosmetic Procedures?

Hi Adub.  It's not likely that a facelift would be the right option for you at your age.  But, we do have younger patients that use injection procedures.  In most cases, this is because the facial anatomy they were born with causes them to seek improvement.  For example, very young people can have hollow under eyes and the parenthesis you are speaking about around the mouth.  In this case, injection procedures are absolutely an option.  

We are also in Los Angeles and offer a free consultation to start the process.  You can click on the link below to access our website to see the work we do.

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