I'm 17 years old and have had these wrinkles under my eyes since I was 12. What can I do to get rid of them? (photo)

I use a moisturizer every night, eat healthy, and I get 8 hours of sleep almost every night. I don't smoke or drink either.

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Wrinkles under the eye

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Hello Alex
Wrinkles under the eyes are very common, and in some people are not necessarily related to age or skin care practices.  The natural shape of your eyes and cheeks can form that crease that can be present from childhood/early teenage years.  Also, people with eczema can sometimes have creases under the eyes called Dennie Morgan lines. 
I would recommend that you keep up with your healthy eating, sleeping patterns and skin care regimen.  The very small line you have under the eye appears to be a normal crease- no anti-aging products or procedures will necessarily help with this.  From what I can see you have very attractive looking eyes!
Take care,
Dr. Linnell

Bellevue Dermatologist

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