I Have Seen Almost 10 Physicians. How Do I Know when I've Found the Right One?

I Have Seen Almost 10 Physicians.  How Do I Know when I've Found the Right One?

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Ten consults is an awful lot. I am sure your head is really spinning now.  Yo have to be comfortable with the person and comfortable with the decision you are making.

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Paralysis by analysis in plastic surgery

Quite frankly, we all applaud a patient who seeks multiple consultations before deciding to do surgery.  3 maybe 5 at the most though.  If you have gone to 10 real Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are the top in your area and you haven't found one you like yet, I hate to say it this way, but the problem is likely with you, not them.  You may be too perfectionistic, you may have unrealistic expectations etc but if you haven't found one you are comfortable with it is time to realize you are probably not ready for surgery and this problem finding a doctor is just your mind's way of trying to tell you that if you will please listen.  Maybe some day you will be more ready and when you are, you will know it because you will find a doctor whom you trust and to whom you will be willing to give over control of what you need to have done.  Good luck in the future.

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