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Invisalign Vs. Clear Correct

What's the difference? Is one better than the other (price, treatment time, satisfaction)? READ MORE

Difference Between Invisalign and Similar Aligners?

My orthodontist told me that he does not do Invisalign aligners, but that he does a type of aligners that is very similar to Invisalign. Can you tell... READ MORE

How Much Does Clear Correct Cost?

What is the cost of Clear Correct? Are prices the same no matter which dentist or orthodontist you go to? READ MORE

ClearCorrect Trays Have Gap Between the Edge of my Teeth and the Plastic. Is This Normal?

I am on my first tray of ClearCorrect and something doesn't seem right. I have a small gap between the edge of my teeth and where the tray fits to the... READ MORE

Am I getting duped on Clear Correct 'limited ortho'? I'm 46. Had braces 4 yrs as a teen. Now front tooth popped out, etc.(photo)

Have a new dentist. Wasn't given name of product until after the fact (my fault for being too eager). Tmr, I have an appoint. after 4 wks. Nothing has... READ MORE

A bubble of space between my teeth and my invisible braces gets filled with noticeable spit. Is this normal? (Photo)

I think my dentist messed up my clear correct... From what I've seen invisible braces are supposed to be invisible and flat on the teeth. Mine... READ MORE

Does Clear Correct Qualify As an HSA Expenditure?

Does Clear Correct Qualify As an HSA Expenditure? READ MORE

Who to pursue to get refund, dentist or Clearcorrect?

I started in Nov 2011 and my teeth are not aligned the dentist has sent the trays back 6 times and Clearcorrect wants to charge me a fee (I already... READ MORE

What is Clear Correct?

What is Clear Correct? I know it's some treatment to straighten your teeth, but what exactly is done and how does ClearCorrect work? READ MORE

Should the Clear Correct aligner trays fit snugly to the teeth and gums to be effective?

I am on my 3rd tray of Clear Correct aligners. The bottom tray fis snugly on my teeth and gums, however thre is space between the aligner and my gums... READ MORE

Haven't been wearing Clear Correct consistently, what are my options?

When I left for college my usage of clear correct declined and I misplaced the set of trays that I was supposed to be wearing. I received a new set of... READ MORE

Third tray of clear correct not fitting my back teeth. Should I be concerned?

My 2nd tray of clear correct didn't fit properly along my back right top teeth.There was a gap between my teeth and the plastic that my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Clear Correct treatment fee before the extra dental office charges. I don't understand why I have to pay nearly $5,000.

I see the lab fees on the clear correct are reasonable prices but what i do not understand is why i have to pay nearly 5 grand to get them from my... READ MORE

Dental midline not matched causing malocclusion on right side, mild overjet and overbite. Is Clear correct best option? (Photo)

I am a 28 yr old. I visited 3 orthodontists and their recommendations were much different from one another. I am very much confused which one to... READ MORE

Is it normal to have gaps between your teeth and the edge of the aligners when you are on tray 8 out of 32?

I have gaps on my bottom and top trays between and teeth and the edge of the tray. My top tray is slightly positioned to the left of my actual teeth.... READ MORE

Clearcorrect Switch Doctor? (photo)

I started Clearcorrect aligners 10 months ago, my doctor quit and I was transferred to another doctor.I am his first patient using aligners. 6 weeks... READ MORE

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