When Will my Acne Go Away? I Have Tried Everything With No Results.

I've tried almost every brand out there. I am now on neova and it seems like it worked a little but not completely. I was recently put on doxycycline and haven't seen any results so far. I'm 14 years old and I wash my face twice a day. I have had mild acne for about 3 years but it got worse after I got my period. I try to eat healthy and I'm very active. I also wash my sheets every week. My parents had no acne so it's not genetics. I have tried everything and it wont go away!

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Acne treatment

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This is a difficult question. Acne can strike at any age.  Although mostly a teenage disorder, most patients eventually grow out of it, but not always.  I suggest you contact a board certified dermatologist, if you haven't already, and follow-up regularly.  Designing a treatment plan for acne takes into consideration a number of things, such as severity (comedones, cysts, pustules, etc.), skin texture (dry vs oily), scarring, distribution (face only or face, back, chest, etc.) and history of previous treatment.  It takes 4-6 weeks of steady treatment to determine if you will respond to a particular treatment plan.  If it's not working, changes are made and another evaluation 4 weeks later.  It is important to be regular with your medications.  I usually place patients on a good topical agent, which there are very many ranging from topical antibiotics to combination products such as Duac that contains a benzoyl  peroxide and an antibiotic.  I add an oral antibiotic in combination with the topical agent for more severe or recalcitrant cases.  If you have failed multiple treatment options then you may be a good candidate for accutane.  Please bring in all the medications you have been placed on in the past so your dermatologist will be well informed about prior treatment.  Hope this helps!

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