What Are the Recommended Skin Care Steps Before Applying Makeup?

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Skin Care Tips to Follow Before Makeup

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It is good idea to get into a routine of applying your skincare products prior to putting your makeup on. You sould always make sure your skin is clean and properly balanced and protected so your makeup lays on the skin well. The objective is to look like you have nice skin when your makeup has already been applied. The first step is having clean skin with no old makeup residue. Use a cleasner designed for your skin type. Then I would apply the proper toner for your skin type so your "ph" level is correct on the skin (this allows proper absorbtion of any addtional products). I would then apply a antioxidant to the skin. We now know the importance of antioxidants based on studies and this a great way to further fight aging and possibly the development of skin cancers. I would then follow with a sunscreen. You can add a eye cream as well for further anti-aging benefits. Yo can then follow wiht your makeup. These days mineral makeup is very popular and works well if the skin has been properly hydrated before application.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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