Treatments to Help Restore Skin Elasticity After Smoking for 15 Years?

I'm a 30yr old woman and have just quit smoking after being a heavy smoker for 15yrs. In the last couple of years i've noticed a rapid deterioration of my skin texture, it is beginning to look v. aged. I don't have many deep static wrinkles but my skin seems to have lost much of its elasticity, has a very dry-looking texture & has developed many fine lines that are v.apparent with movement & facial expressions. Is the damage irreversible? Can you recommend the most effective treatments to recover some elasticity without too much risk? Is laser treatment likely to help? or retinol?

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Reversing sun, smoke, and age related changes to the skin and loss of elasticity.

Unfortunately the ravages or time, smoking, sun exposure and tobacco use are extremely difficult to reverse. While retinoids may provide some improvement, it is unlikely that it will restore elasticity to any significant degree. The loss of elasticity is essentially irreversible. Laser therapy is unlikely to provdied any signficant improvement.

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