Treatment for Dark Circles Due to Hyperpigmentation if You're Prone to Keloids?

Is there no treatment for dark circles / age spots caused my hyper-pigmentation if you have keloid prone skin? Also i am east indian. So with all the advances in cosmetic treamtents , there is NO , not one treatment for people like? Why? Is there any treatment that can help me expect for over priced creams that dont work?

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Dark circles in dark complexed individuals.

Dear Sammy

Most light based treatments to remove age spots also target the normal pigment in your skin.  This means that treatments that would be fine for a lightly complexed individual may burn your skin.  It is important to understand that most of the darkness in the circle is optical.  Under that very dark eyelid skin is a red muscle that sucks up a lot of light that otherwise would be bounced back into the skin.  Also the hollow in the lower eyelid/cheek junction is concave effectively trapping light in the skin, a process known as internal reflectance.  Filling the lower eyelid with a product like Restylane can be very helpful.  The skin bleacher for these type of issue have been disappointing.  Moisturizes to help but don't over pay for them.  The very expensive products are no more effective than the less expensive products.  You are paying for marketing magic, not results.

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