What Kind of Treatment Addresses Very Thin Lines in Tear Trough Area?

26 year-old male In the tear trough area there are these very thin semi-circlar lines. I don't think they're normal fine lines. I first noticed them in my early 20s. When I blink my lower eyelid, they worsen. I couldn't take a detailed enough photo to show it. In the proper light they look like mini-stria. I have tried moisturizers/serums with no improvement. What product could I use to smooth it out/improve the skin quality there? Or, would I need a more drastic treatment? Kind Thanks

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Radiesse or Restylane as Options for Thin Lines in Tear Trough Area

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It would be helpful to see pictures to illustrate your description. However  it seems like the skin under your eyes may have lost much of its firmness and elasticity.  This is because the skin in this region is very thin and the underlying collagen structures are susceptible to damage, particularly from UV rays. Moisturizers and serums are not able to reach deeper layers of the skin to make the necessary corrections. 

Radiesse and Restylane are dermal fillers that can be used below the eyes in the tear trough area. They are both made of compounds that are naturally found in your body. Restylane has a relatively viscous consistency and is made of hyaluronic acid molecules. It can be used under the eyes, but it is subject to the  Tyndall effect, where the skin appears blue due to light passing through the gel.

Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite. It has a firmer consistency that can provide more structural support if this is needed.

Fraxel lasers can help your skin produce new collagen fibers to improve your skin's firmness. 


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Wrinkle treatment

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The crepe like skin in the tear trough is best treated with a combinatin of botox and fillers, like Restalyne.  If that does not significantly improve the wrinkles, then a fractionated laser CO2 peel is indicated.

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