Should I Get Steroid Injections to Fresh Scars from a Laparoscopic Procedure?

Should I get steroid injections to fresh scars from a laparoscopic procedure? I have two cuts to the sides of my belly button.

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Specialist in belly button scars after surgery to fix a bad scar that results from abdominoplasty or surgery

Most laparoscopy belly button scars heal well, but I have seen many belly button scars get thickened and red.  I would begin with a laser treatment before IIT injections.

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Surgical scar treatment

A scar is mostly "mature" at 4 months post surgery; therefore, the scar can change or improvement up until that time. Intervention with intralesional steroids at 4 months is suitable in most cases of hypertrophic scars.

Cheryl M. Burgess, MD, FAAD
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Early treatment of scars for best cosmetic result

There are many different treatment options for scarring.  The treatment is based on the type of scar that you have.  Scars that are thickened, red, itching, or hardening (hypertrophic or keloid scars) are best treated with steroid injections.  It may require multiple injections to achieve the best results, but a new scar should be easier to treat.  If there is no thickening or hardening of the skin, a steroid injection could have the opposite result and cause an indentation and thinning of the skin.  When scars are "fresh", you may consider using silicone gels or sheets (from the drugstore) or your physician may choose to use a laser such as a pulsed dye laser or fractional resurfacing laser during the healing phase to give you the best cosmetic outcome for your scar.  Any of these treatments can be started immediately after sutures are removed as long as there is no open wound or sign of infection.  For older scars or difficult scars, I will often combine all of the treatments described above.

Nancy Samolitis, MD
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