Treatment for Smoker's Line Under Lower Lip?

I have lines under my lower lip. I think it's from being a smoker. What can I do?

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Best treatment for smoker's lip lines is CO2 laser (ie Fraxel re:pair)

To get the longest lasting, most natural look, using a Fraxel re:pair CO2 laser will give you the absolute best result for smokers lip lines. The downside is about 5 days of downtime. Dermal fillers in combination with Botox are a good second choice. Please see my examples of each on this site. The cost would be only very slightly more for the re:pair, but the duration would be about 5 years or longer. You might need 2 treatments of the upper lip lines to get the absolute best result, depending on the extent of your lines. Dermal fillers and Botox need to be redone about every 4-6 months in the lips.

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Injectable Fillers work well for vertical lines around your lips and mouth.

You can have significant reduction in the appearance of "smoker's lines" around your mouth. This is performaed with topical anesthetic, and there is no downtime.

I've attached a photo demonstrating this technique,

I hope this is helpful, and best regards.

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