I Have a Small Brown Spot Above my Upper Lipline That Really Bothers Me

Several years ago I had a cold sore or a pimple of some sort right above the lipline that I didn't treat well (I popped it or scratched at it or something), now there is a small brown spot where the lesion used to be. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this scar, it's in a terrible place and it's very noticeable. Can I get it lasered at a clinic? I've tried mederma with not much success. In the picture its on the right (my left) top middle part of the lip, the brown splotch.

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Post Inflammatory Pigmentation responds to both topical applications and Lasers.

The post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on your upper lip would benefit from either a Q switched LASER, or even with topical lightening creams containing hydroquinone - your dermatologist would be able to recommend one for you.

India Dermatologist
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Brown spot on lip

Your brown spot may be related to the trauma of the lesion that you had mentioned but there are other sunspots, lentigines, around the lips that are seen in the photo and several moles or sunspots on the cheeks too. Before any laser is done, it would be prudent to see a board-certified dermatologist who can evaluate the brown freckles or moles to rule out any precancerous condition prior to using laser on them.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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