What Can I Do to Remove or Reduce Under Eye Dark Circles? (photo)

I don't have much knowledge on this subject, i have asked around recently and have received mixed answers some say it's not treatable. So is there any possible way to get rid of these dark patches? I have had them since childhood but sometimes they look more apparent. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Your best option is filler.

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Filler does not remove pigment.  But it does very much improve how light interacts in this multicontoured area.  The skin is thin here.  There is not fat between the underlying muscle and the thin eyelid skin.  Light that passes through the skin is partially absorbed by the muscle making this area look darker than adjacent cheek skin.  Filling does not alter this but it does improve the shadowing that occurs in the hollow areas.  Skin bleachers, laser resurfacing or fraxel treatment do not eliminate the dark circle.  Skin bleachers can be irritating to the skin and lasers can cause tissue scarring if over done.  However, laser resurfacing can tension the skin and this can improve the way light interacts with the skin.  The problem is that many who get service for this purpose are frankly disappointed.  For those of us who use make-up, under eye concealers contain mica and other reflective products which reflect more of the light off the lower eyelid skin surface-think photoshop in a bottle.  Hope this information helps.

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