How Do I Reduce my Very Prominent Mons Pubis?

I'm 19,5'4 & I weigh 127 pounds. I'm not at all over weight, and i have a flat stomach but i have a very prominent mons pubis. I know there are lipo surgery solutions for that, but its not only the fat tissues that are prominent its my pubic bone. & i know the tissues are there to protect it during intercourse, so even if i had lipo it wouldn't eliminate the problem. so is there a soloution that deals with reducing the pubic bone itself and deals with the problem from its core?

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Mons pubis reduction

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I do not know of anyone that would specifically shave down the  mos pubis bone.  If it is prominent because of fat, that can be reduced with liposuction.

Pubic bone reduction?

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There is no procedure specifically designed for reduction of the pubic bone.  For cosmetic purposes, the risks would probably outweigh the benefits.  Liposuction, or surgical reduction of your mons is your best option.  See a board certified plastic surgeon for further guidance.  Good luck!

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