Asking Questions During Consultion and Tips on Choosing a Surgeon?

I have a consultation with Dr.H in OP KS and I'm trying to get informed before my consultation but don't want to insult him how do you find out things like his malpractice percentage, I looked up license and it shows he has one active and one old how do I find out why two? And I work for a hospital and he used be on staff now isn't should I wonder why ? I've seen his work on some of my co-workers and they look fantastic, I mean how much checking do you do and were do you get it?

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All of those are perfectly reasonable questions to ask your plastic surgeon.

Hello, Your plastic surgeon should not take offense to any of the questions you have posed. Look at web reviews. Look at board certification. Look at before and after photos. Also see other plastic surgeons in consultation. All the best, Dr Remus Repta

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Tips on choosinfg a surgeon

You should have a consultation with the surgeon and ask him these questions...they are very reasonable and if he/she is ethical, they should not have a problem answering are going to place a lot of trust in the surgeon who operates on you....go with your gut feeling after speaking with him fce to your instincts.

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Sueing any MD is a favorite sport for lawyers/ demandando a los medicos es el deporte favorito de los abogados

almost 80% or 100% of any surgical surgeon with more than 20 years of  practical, has been sued in  his whole professional life this increases costs by paying insurances so it has been a big bussiness for lawyers and insurances  companies, the best  way to check it is going  to  american society of aesthetic surgeon  ASAPS  this  society has the best and honest professional human  equipment i dare to say  almost in the whole  world, of course it should be there some  colleagues than had been in the same  problem.

casi el 80% de cualquier  cirujano con mas  de 20 aƱos de practica profesional ha tenido cuando menos de 1 a 3 demandas, esto desde luego incrementa los  costos de la medicina  al volverse un gran negocio para  abogados y aseguradoras, la mejor manera de checar la honorabilidad de cualquier  cirijano es acudiendo a la pagina de la asociacion americana de  cirujanos plasticos esteticos  ASAPS  esta  sociedad cuenta con los mejores  y mas honestos cirujanos en quiza todo el mundo, por supuesto que ahi tambien encontraras a algun colega con alguna demanda, pero hay mas garantia

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