What to Do About Shallow Lines on Cheeks?

I have started developing very shallow lines on my cheeks, but not right under the eyes where you would expect them. When I look closely in the mirror these lines look like very shallow lines that are linking my pores together (kind of like connect the dots). Some of the lines are even curved. Exfoliation just seems to make then worse. Can anyone tell me what causes this and what can be done to correct them. Thanks.

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LInes and pores

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Shallow lines on the cheeks as well as larger pores are well known expressions of skin aging, especially due to accumulation of sun damage over many years. Sun and other environmental hazards as well as a natural process of skin aging can cause break down or less production of collagen. Collagen is an important support structure that keeps our skin tight, smooth and wrinkle-free. With the decrease in collagen support, the skin gets thinner with fine lines and the pores loose the tightening hold and get wider.

These changes we usually start seeing in our 30s-50s, depending on the skin type. The ideal way to address these problems is with a combination therapy approach: 1) a good skin regiment that includes sunscreen, antioxidant moisturizer, and retinoid cream at night; 2) chemical peels that help to smooth out lines and shrink pores; 3) resurfacing fractionated laser treatments (e.g., fraxel, pearl, fractionated CO2) that have faster and more significant results. I recommend setting up an appointment with a board certified cosmetic dermatologist to discuss these treatment options. Good luck.

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