Do Punch Techniques Still Work on Scars That Have Been Treated with Laser Multiple Times.I Do Not Wish to Have Any Fillers Done.

Greetings Docs, I have underwent 5 CO2 Fractional laser & 5 Ematrix sessions (both at highest setting) and a couple of subcisions for my pit,boxcar & rolling scars.Most of my scars are boxcars and it doesn't seem to respond well to the treatments I had (be it shallow or deep ones).Would punch tech work well?I have realistic expectations; WAS happy with my results but people still commented that my scars are still deeply embedded.I'm 21, male, fair Chinese.Am still using AHA & RetinA for scars.

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Punch excision excellent for deep scars

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A punch excision of a deep acne scar is an excellent choice, especially if other techniques have failed and you don't want to have fillers done.  Most board-certified dermatologists should be able to perform this procedure.  You will likely have stitches for 5-7 days.  Good luck.

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