What is the Best Treatment for my Under Eye Wrinkles when Smiling? (photo)

I am 33 years old and all of a sudden these under eye wrinkles have crept up on me over the past year, including crows feet when I smile. I recently did botox which has helped with the crows feet (pic is before botox) and although the Doctor but a tiny amount (one prick) under the outside corner of my lower eyelid, it did not help too much in this section. Any suggestions on what would smooth this under eye section out?

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Under eye wrinkles

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The wrinkles you are describing are all dynamic wrinkles meaning that they are only present when you animate your face.  I would recommend to continue to treat the wrinkles at the outside edge of your eyes with Botox as this works very well in this area.  The wrinkles underneath your eye may be improved with laser resurfacing but anyone will have  wrinkles in this area if you squint your eyes hard enough.  The overlying skin is adherent to the underlying muscle in this area and if you contract the muscle then the skin will inevitably wrinkle as well. 
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Jacque P. LeBeau, MD

Pensacola Facial Plastic Surgeon

Solution for tiny wrinkles around eyes

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In my opinion, the best solution is still Botox. Perhaps, by what you were describing, you did not have enough Botox injected to the periorbital areas to achieve the result that you were looking for. Generally, I will use approx 12 units around each eye to smooth out this area, and I spread the injections out, giving 3 to 4 injections under each eye. I also would recommend that you have a board certified plastic surgeon perform your injections.

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Evan Manolis, MD
Orland Park Plastic Surgeon

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