How Long Does It Take for Epiduo to Work?

I'm just wondering how long does it take for me to see results in epiduo? I will have an important function to attend in about a month.

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By Itself, Epiduo Can Take Up To Three Months

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By itself, Epiduo can take up to three months for a full effect. Some patients even have a mild flair when they start the medication. A board-certified dermatologist can work with you to best make sure you are as clear as you can be for your important event – so check with one and get on the best acne regimen that will get you the clearest you can get as fast as you can, even while using Epiduo.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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At least one month

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You should see some results in two to four weeks, but expect two the three months to see the full effect.  Remember acne is not a disease but a response to hormones on the hair follicle/oil gland complex.  The goal is therefore control and not cure.

David J. Sire, MD
Fullerton Dermatologic Surgeon

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