What Does This Look Like? (photo)

I trimed my pubic area about 4 days ago and I just noticed today I had 8 bumps on my pubic area 4 at the top and 4 toward the lower

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Molluscum Contagiousm

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The pictures are not great, but these bumps look most like Molluscum Contagiosum to my eye.

These pesky little things are caused by a DNA virus of the pox family. Though related to the devastating small pox, and the curious monkeypox, this is a harmless and self-limited condition. It is spread by shaving so we tend to see more of this as grooming tactics have changed.

   While Molluscum can occur at any age, we tend to see two main groups: Young children who have obtained it in day care centers, gyms etc. and older teens and young adults who contract it sexually.

   While dubbed contagiousum, MC is actually has a lower risk of transmission than herpes or the wart virus.

Untreated lesions persist for 6-9 months before slowly resolving. There should not be a scar. Developing redness around the site is a good sign as it shows that your immune system is kicking in.

If you have a history of eczema, these lesions tend to persist.

Treatment varies depending on location. I like to curette the lesions, removing the infectious core. The MC lesions die shortly thereafter. Supplementing with either Aldara or one of the over the counter mediations such as Poxiderm is very helpful. In other locations cryotherapy or freezing the lesions may be used. In children, a blistering agent called Cantharidin 0.7 is painless and effective. It is well tolerated by even the most reluctant, and frightened child. A drop from a  wooden stick applicator is carefully placed on each bump. The patient's parent is told to wash this off in an hour. I generally do not like to occlude as I want to minimize the blister. The blister should come up within 24 hours., as the blisters go away, so do the MC.



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