Can Lasers Treat Dermal PIH on the Upper Lip?

I have dermal PIH on my upper lip which is grey in appearance due to years of plucking and not wearing sun protection. Since bleaching creams will not penetrate the dermis, could lasers such as a nd YAG laser at 1064 nm or a non-ablative fraxel dual restore treat the PIH? I am East Indian with a fitzpatrick skin type of 4. I am prone to hyperpigmentation. If not, does dermal PIH fade on it's own? I have been prescribed a compound similar to Triluma which I will begin soon. Thank you.

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Q switched Nd YAG Laser will give good results for post inflammatory pigmentation

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The Q switched Nd YAG Laser should be able to improve the pigmentation. You need to regularly use a good sunscreen to sustain any improvement achieved with either the LASER or with the triple regimen cream. This Laser is quite well tolerated in Indian skin (skin types III to VI).

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