23 yr old female, for the past 3-4 months I've had acne on my forehead, chin, and cheeks. How can I get clear skin?

I just want to know the rason of getting acne at this age and also want to know how to get rid of acne. 

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There is a Wide Variety Of Treatment Options

Acne at your age is usually caused by a combination of hormones, oil secretion, skin bacteria, and genetics.  There are a large variety of treatments and these can be divided into topical modalities, physical modalities, systemic modalities, and laser.  Topically, medicated face washes and creams are often the first step because they are safe and relatively inexpensive.  Physical treatment modalities include injection of individual acne lesions to make them go away quicker.  This is just a temporary solution and doesn’t prevent them from coming back.  On the systemic side, there are medications such as antibiotics, spironolactone, or isotretinoin that can sometimes be effective but have a higher side effect profile.  Finally, laser and light options include things like IPL, pulsed dye laser, non-ablative fractional laser, and photodynamic therapy.  As you can see, the selection of exactly what treatment regimen would be perfect for you requires consultation with a specialist.  It’s important to tailor the treatment to your specific needs and lifestyle. 

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23 yr old female, for the past 3-4 months I've had acne on my forehead, chin, and cheeks. How can I get clear skin?

Thanks for your query. Acne has multiple causes like dandruff, hormonal, genes; this all can lead to acne. You can undergo investigations to find out the root cause of it. For treatment a course of oral as well topical medications is required which can be known after examining the acne? There are certain procedures which accelerate the rate of clearance like chemical peels, lasers. You can consult your dermatologist for the same. Hope it helps.

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Acne, how to treat

If otc medications aren't working, see a dermatologist. Typically topicals, orals are used for improvement. Sometimes chemical peels and lasers are needed. Acne can affect all age groups.

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