Is Strivectin Better Than Botox?

Strivectin is marketed as being better than botox.  Is this true, that it can offer better help with wrinkling skin and face lines?  If not, please explain whether it's almost as good as botox.

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Only if the wrinkles and facial lines are related to dehydration

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This is a great question. Let me start off by saying, creams can put some moisture into the skin. If skin is dehydrated then when you apply cream it can make the wrinkles and lines less noticable.

Some wrinkles and facial lines are related to muscle movement. We have all seen people the "11" between the brows. Or as my patienst sometimes call it "angry mommy lines". These lines actually result from muscle movement and the passage of time. When powerful muscles between the brows contract, they draw the brow together, causing the skin to fold or furrow. As skin becomes less elastic with age, those folds or furrows result in stubborn lines. Because the lines between the brow are dynamic lines caused by overactive muscles, they can usually be treated with tiny injection of BOTOX cosmetic.

Static lines, on the other hand, are lines that are visible even when the muscles are at rest. These lines are usually treated with a filler.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask. Knowledge is always your best tool in life.

Westchester Plastic Surgeon

A Resounding YES. Strivectin is FAR better than Botox

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There is no question in my mind that Strivectin is a far more effective agent than Botox. If you place drops of Botox on the skin it does nothing in the way of moisturizing. Then try Strivectin. Strivectin is FAR better at moisturizing the skin than Botox.

Any claims that Strivectin approaches the efficacy of Botox as a wrinkle reducer though are totally bogus.

Actually, the main ingredient in Strivectin which might cause some wrinkle reduction is Matrixyl. This is a signal peptide that causes the body to think that the collagen is damaged and then elicits a reparative reaction. This is the same theory behind most of the non-ablative lasers. Once the collagen is damaged it signals the fibroblasts to lay down more collagen.

While Strivetin does lead to some wrinkle reduction it is far far less than can be seen with Botox.

Incidentally, Matrixyl can be found in other cheaper skin care products such as Oil of Olay's Regenerist.

If you notice, in Strivectin's ads there is now a question mark. Prior to Federal Trade Commission invervention, rightly instigated by Allergan, the maker of Botox, there was no such punctuation. This permits any sort of claim to be made, legally. For instance, I could advertsise myself, as " Oppenheim, better hitter than Pujols?" Well, the anaswer is of course not. Similarly, the Strivectin people can advertise, " Better Than Botox". The answer, like comparing Oppenheim to Pujols, is of course not, don't be ridiculous. 

Great question.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Botox is Botox, Stivectin is NOT Botox

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Shawna, Botox is currently the ONLY pharmaceutical that can paralyze muscles of facial expression and relieve fine lines and wrinkles. As already mentioned, Strivectin is a "glorified moisturizer," and I fully agree with that statement. The FDA is looking into 2 newer forms of Botox that might hit the market in the summer of 2009 so keep your eyes open for some new news down the road.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

There is no question

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Note that the Strivectin ads pose it as a question, "Is Strivectin better than Botox?" It is really comparing apples to oranges, since they do different things and treat different conditions. Botox treats wrinkles caused by hyperactive muscles of expression. It turns out that the question of which is better actually has an answer in a head-to-head study done a couple of years ago. As you would expect, there was absolutely no effect on the wrinkles that Botox is used for with Strivectin. Botox, on the other hand, has a clinical history of safety and effectiveness on millions of patients over many years.

There is nothing better than Botox!

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There is nothing better than Botox when it comes to reducing wrinkles with a non-surgical treatment. Strivectin is a topical cream, not a medication. There are many topical treatments that just cause mild tissue swelling which does reduce wrinkles very temporarily. Botox cases a paralysis of the underlying muscles which very effectively reduces the dynamic wrinkles in the overlying skin.

I hope this is helpful.

David Shafer, MD
Shafer Plastic Surgery
New York City

Strivectin is not even close!

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Botox is a pharmaceutical agent that is controlled by the FDA. It paralyzes muscle and reduces the wrinkles associated with the repetitive motion. Strivectin is a cosmeceutical that is not controlled by the FDA. It is a glorified moisturizer. The FTC allows you to say that your product can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles if you are a moisturizer. Nothing more!

RR Retinoid Repair Cream for wrinkles

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Botox is an excellent treatment for dynamic wrinkles. Our office combines the injections with RR Retinoid Repair Cream.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Los Angeles

Strivectin VS Botox

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Strivectin is NEITHER
- better than
- as good as
- Almost as good as Botox.

The FACT IT Strivectin is NOTHING like Botox and although marketing has suggest all of the following, it is nonsensically untrue.

If you want to smooth active wrinkles and lift sagging corners of the mouth or droopy brows - use Botox. If you want to moisturize your skin with an EXPENSIVE lotion - use Strivectin.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Botox vs Strivectin

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The reason that Strivectin is not comparable to Botox is that t does not have the ability to relax facial muscles. Upper face wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyes and at the outer eye are caused by muscle contraction. Botox is able to relax the muscles and thereby reduce or completely eliminate the visibility of these wrinkles.

Strivectin does not have this same neurological ability. If it did, it would be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the US, rather than Botox.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Strivectin and Botox work differently

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With that being said, I rarely recommend Strivectin. It simply hydrates the skin like hundreds of other products out there, but at a much higher price.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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