I Am Trying to Improve the Appearance of a Vertical Forehead Atropic Scar? (photo)

I never got stitches and as a result I was left with a a deep atropic vertical forehead scar. I have been using Mederma advanced for about 4 months daily and it doesn't seem to be doing anything anymore. Is there another cheaper option. What kind of laser treatment or natural products can I use to regrow skin cells on the lower layers. I guess the cut went into the dermis layer and scar formed and now it is just a wide valley or depression. Please help because I am insecure about this.

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Forehead Scar

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Facial scars are most noticeable for a few reasons: 1) color and 2) texture and 3) depth.  Scars never fully go away technically, but they can be improved in appearance so that they are minimally noticeable. 

Your scar is noticeable because of the orientation as the width and depression of the scar.  The best treatment is to have the scar surgically treated by removing the scar and then stitching it closed followed by use ofspecial creams postoperatively.  Fine, meticulous stitching is the most critical part of improving this scar.  Please consult with a board certified specialist to help achieve the results you seek.

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