I Want my Facial Skin Refreshed Without Surgery - Any Suggestions?

I've tried laser, didn't remove red veins, I tried Retin A, it made my skin so dry I had to smother on oil to stop pealing. I've done Botox, but was not really impressed. I have oily T Zone and dryness on face which is problamatic.

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Options for Redness

It sounds like the redness is what is concerning you.  I am not sure which laser you tried, but IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) also called Fotofacials, can help.  You often need 3-5 treatments.  You can also find someone with a V-Beam laser, which is a pulsed dye laser that works well for redness. 

I recommend you begin using antioxidant creams on your face, as this can help your skin heal.  Look for products containing things such as vitamin C, green tea, resveratrol, coffeeberry (there are many more, these are just some examples).  You may look to your diet as well.  I find some people see a notable improvement in their skin after cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar (including artifical sweeteners).  This is a big undertaking, but often worth it.  If you have any digestive problems, you can supplement with Probiotics and digestive enzymes, as sometimes poor digestion is reflected in the skin.

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