Does Drinking Alcohol Dry out the Skin?

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Yes, alcohol consumption can dry out skin

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Drinking alcohol to any excess will have a diuretic effect and will dry out your skin.

Sun exposure coupled with the alcohol consumption is a formula for bad skin. Just look at the Housewives of Orange County for some real live examples!

Alcohol acts as a mild diuretic

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Alcohol is known to increase urine output. It does this by promoting urination by blocking the release of anti-diuretic hormone from the pituitary gland in you brain. This produces a diuretic ("water-pill") like effect on your kidneys, which can casue you to lose body fluids and become dehydrated, if not replaced with adequate volume. On an intermittent basis, this is of little concern. However, on a long term basis, this can have long term effects on your skin and other organ systems.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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