Can a Dimpled Lip Line Piercing Be Fixed?

Ok, i had snakebites done and they were VERY close to my lip line. I let them heal due to being slightly uneven, i had them for about a year before i removed them, i now have a 2nd set a little underneath that i am very pleased with. When pressed out with my tongue there is very normally colored slightly pink skin underneath but it is dimpled in and looks like a regular piercing hole. Its been about 4 years since. Is there an easy fix as it is a very displeasing mistake to me. Plz&Thx

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Fixing Previous Snakebite Piercing Scar?

Yes, it is possible to excise ( cut out) the external piercing associated with a snakebite piercing. If this excision is carried out, care must be taken to align the red lip and white lip (vermilion border) precisely. Also, given that your new piercings are “a little underneath” the old ones, care must be taken not to disturb your new piercings.

 Keep in mind, that any excisional procedure will leave you with a small scar;  it is up to you to determine whether this small scar or the current “dimpled in” look would be more bothersome to you.

 Consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon may be helpful to you.

 Best wishes.

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Dimpled lip from piercing

It is possible that the injection of a filler around the piercing will make the hole smaller and less noticeable. You could have have it cut out, that would trade one scar for another.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
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