Deep Wrinkles Coming from the Corner of my Eyes to Cheeks

I am 33 years old and have really deep wrinkles that start under,around and from the corner of my eyes and go all the way across my cheeks. They are very very deep,I am trying to find out if there is any treatment that may help them. I look at least 10 years older because of them and it is affecting my self confidence.

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Botox for premature crow's feet

There are 3 forces creating facial wrinkles although some wrinkles may have more than 1 contributory force to varying degrees:

  1. aging & sun exposure of the skin - cheek skin wrinkles in the elderly
  2. chronic muscle action - crow's feet & vertical wrinkles between the 2 eyebrows
  3. weakened supporting tissues with age & the constant forces of gravity - the jowl wrinkles on either side of the chin

Botox only works on the muscle contribution to wrinkle formation & the more muscle action contributes to a wrinkle the more effect Botox will have, temporarily. If the wrinkle cannot be effaced with finger pressure prior to botox injection the injection will be less effective because the problem is then permanent damage to skin layers. This is unaffected by muscle paralysis.

In your case botox will likely help but due to the depth of lines I doubt they would efface with finger pressure so botox alone will probably be insufficient though it should be tried first. I suspect some type of filler will also be required.

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Fix deep wrinkles

I think that there is more than one cause of these wrinkles and both need to be considered for a good result. The contraction of muscles around the eye plays a part but often even after botox the big smiling cheeks push up some skin to contribute to these lines. I have found that a little bit of filler or scultpra(not to close to the eye) can help to pull this out. Would try botox or dysport first and see how you do. If well, you are done, if not , go from there. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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Deep wrinkles from corner of eyes to cheeks

These lines which are caused by contraction of the muscle around the eye called the orbicularis oculi, can be improved with Botox.  It may take some fine-tuning to determine how many units you would need.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist
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