I've Deep Acne Scars on Face and Wondering What Would Be the Best Treatment?

I read lot of reviews about eMatrix and MiXTo, but none of them has good reviews from Indians. Can you please suggest me a treatment. Your suggestion is pretty much appreciated.

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In our practice and I’m sure every practice has their own way of treating acne scars. We have laser treatments and or a mini facelift to stretch out the skin. We have Profractional laser treatment and micro laser peels. Those procedures will improve your acne scars dramatically.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Fractional CO2 laser and Fractional RF are safe to use in Indian skin.

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MiXto is a fractional CO2 Laser and the eMatrix is a fractional Radiofrequency device. Both, fractional RF and fractional Laser are well tolerated in Indian skin and give good results. However, in view of the potential for pigmentary changes, I do a spot test, about 1- 2 cm sq., before doing a larger area on the face. With religious sunscreen use, and good post procedure care, post inflammatory dyspigmentation can be minimized to a huge extent. Make sure to choose an experienced, conservative physician - less is more in Indian skin!

Good luck!

Deep acne scars and the best treatment

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Deep scars have a lot of treatment options. If they are ice pick, I like TCA CROSS chemical peels to get the scars to raise up. If they are more broad based, box car scars, I like subcision fat grafting and laser resurfacing together. You have to be careful though and go to someone with a lot of experience or you could get worse scarring.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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