Which is the best method to get rid of these acne scars? (photo)

I got this 2 scars recently from 2 cystic acne from no where after like 8 years even after taking so much care which is not fair and I am just not able to take this. Please help me out. I had have few very mild scars on surface as you can see. This 2 scars are like 1 week old. I am a student, age 27, looking for a cost effective and safe method. Thanks in advance.

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Acne scar treatment

Hello and thank you for the photos. You are very smart to becareful with your skin since you do have some pigment in it and could very easily hyperpigment. You need to get the acne under contol before doing anything for the acne scars. Please do not do a laser or fraxel unless your skin is prepped for 2 moths before with bleachers to help calm the melonin. This is the problem when doing strong treatments on skin that can hyperpigment and is not prepared for it. You might want to look into Micro Needling because that can be done on all skin types but the acne needs to be controlled. Micro Needling is a procedure that minimizes scarring and signs of aging by stimulating the skin’s own rejuvenation process. The micro needling pen creates tiny punctures that prompt the immune system to boost blood flow, produce new skin cells, and remodel collagen and elastin. It’s a natural process that helps the body produce tighter, smoother-looking skin. SkinPen® from Bellus Medical represents the latest generation of devices. SkinPen® has popularized microneedling with men and women with busy personal schedules. The procedure is minimally-invasive, sessions are short, and it requires little downtime. I wish you luck!

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Still healing, but lasers, microneedling/prp, subcision and fillers can be used for acne scars

A week old is relatively new for a scar, but  a combination approach of lasers, microneedling/prp, subcision and fillers will give great results for acne scars. I recommend a formal evaluation with a cosmetic dermatologist for acne scarring treatment options. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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1 week old acne scars

Acne scars take time to develop and are PERMANENT changes in the dermis (the second layer of skin). These changes take time to develop--often months. Anything that develops sooner that this usually represents inflammation (redness) and/or increased pigment (called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), which is commonly referred to by laypeople as "acne scars". Luckily, they are not scars and often resolve with traditional acne treatments and bleaching creams.


Robert S. Bader, MD
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Early scars from acne

Usually these heal fine. Treating with Retin A and hydroquinone will help the healing. These are prescription and need to be ordered by a doctor.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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