What Can Be Done About Cheek Wrinkles Due to Sagging?

I'm 39 and my face is falling apart. I have wrinkles over my entire face due to sagging. The wrinkles are worst when I'm smiling but they are also noticeable when I'm not smiling. I don't see anyone else my age with this problem. How can this happen in your 30s and what can I do about it?

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Wrinkling skin is caused by volume loss

It looks like you are just starting to lose volume in your face - you still look great though, I would hardly say you were "falling apart"!  As we age, our skin loses volume - just as kids grow up and lose baby fat - the concept is analogous.  This can happen earlier in life - especially if you are otherwise lean and don't have much body fat.  Replenishing lost volume is likely the best way to approach the wrinkling.  You can use dermal fillers, fat grafting or Sculptra (which takes longer to produce results, but can last longer is well).  

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Fine wrinkling not uncommomat 40 ish

Some fine wrinkling and a little loss of volume is not uncommon at almost 40. If you have lost weight or have had a lot of sun it will be worse. There are several approaches to this problem. You can be lasered with a laser that is nor aggressive and has small down time such as fractional CO2, you can use sculptra, etc. Things like peels will be less satisfying. What you absolutely should do is apply sunscreen every AM and consider using a retinoid every night. 

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