How to cure the unhealed scar (wound scar)? (photos)

Becos i have used many corticosteriod cream when my shoulder got injury, so now it is both unheal and become red raised scar! I have used many products including silicone gel n sheet, but they all irritate my wound scar. Pls help me!

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PDL and Plato's Scar Serum for a scar on the shoulder

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Stop the cortisone cream in favor of Plato's Scar Serum, IIT, and pulsed dye laser. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Shoulder scar

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You are in a tough position.  Shoulder scars are difficult to treat in the first place as they are on very thick skin that is constantly being stretched.  Having tension on the area can cause the scar to widen and become large and bumpy because the body is continuing to lay down new collagen to improve the tensile strength of the area.  Steroids (injected or topically applied) can decrease the bumpiness of the scar, but they also decrease the strength of the scar and can leave behind a wider, redder scar with telltale visible vessels running through it.  The silicone gel can sometimes cause irritation.  It's unfortunate if it does, but it means it is not the treatment for you.The best treatment for you scar at this point may be to stop the steroids.  The skin appears to be closed - but the redness will remain present for up to a year in the remodeling process and sometimes longer or permanently.  If you have a plastic surgeon available I would encourage you to seek them out.  If not, safe methods of scar improvement are:

1- keep it protected from UV light at all times.  Covering it is the safest way, but sunscreens work as well.  They may cause irritation though.

2- massage.  Use a cream that doesn't irritate your skin and massage the surface of the scar to try to flatten it out with your fingers.  just a few minutes once or twice a day will help.

3- taping.  You may want to keep the scar covered with regular silk or cloth tape.  

Bring your arm away from your body and apply the tape to the skin of the scar as well as the skin for an inch or two up toward your neck and down toward your arm.  You will need to find a tape that does not irritate your skin.  This will stop the constant elastic stretching of your skin and pulling on the scar when you use your arm.  Over time, this may help the scar settle down for you.

Even with these measures, shoulder scars are difficult and tend to be problematic.  Good luck!

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