White Scars Chest? (photo)

Since my teenage years I've always had the impulse to scratch my chest, causing the little acne I had to turn into white dots. I have been so bothered by it that even now, sometimes, I can't help touching it, most of the time making it worse (although I often think that if my skin heals again, it will heal better). That's what happened again two and a half weeks ago. I know it looks terrible, especially in daylight. My skin is still brown from summer. What are my options to make it look better?

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White scar improvement and revision with fractional laser

White scars on the chest are difficult to treat, but can be improved with new fractional laser. 

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Prevention is the key

This is a very common condition. The most important thing to do is to avoid scratching the chest and starting the process that leads to these white scars. This is easier said than done but consider trimming your nails as much as possible. I would also avoid tanning as much as you can so that the contrast between these and your regular skin isn't as great. As far as treatment options, these are best discussed with a physician with expertise in lasers such as a dermatologist, but lasers have been shown to help in some cases like yours.

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